5 Steps to a Stronger LinkedIn profile

As we near the end of the academic year there’s still plenty of opportunities to build your resume. Work experience or an internship will help you make connections and build experience in the field of your choice. Many education providers have services that can help you find a role and a good, flexible career plan can last a lifetime. It can help identify what career would suit your interests and strengths, then actions for you to make that career a reality.

With employers increasingly consulting the internet to find candidates for jobs, having a strong LinkedIn profile is an important tool to have.

Here are 5 simple things to consider when making or updating your Linked in Profile:

  1. ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Ensure all content is spell checked and proof read. Review a couple of times and then get a friend to do the same.
  1. SELECTIVITY: Think about what things you would want an employer to know about you. Prioritise your most recent job history and categorise older information under headings such as ‘the past’ or ‘early training’.
  1. CUSTOMISE: LinkedIn automatically generates a URL for your profile. This means that initially your profile URL will be made from a bunch of different numbers and letters. A good trick is to customise your URL. This can be done quickly and easily by clicking on Settings > Edit Public Profile > Customize Your Public Profile URL.
  1. HONESTY: Resist the urge to lie or fabricate employment history to make connections. The internet is an open place and information spreads quickly. Being truthful and genuine about your work experience will pay off and set you apart.
  1. BE PERSONAL: When you reach out to professionals on LinkedIn, they will receive a standard email with your details saying that you want to add them to your network. Tailor your message with each approach to ensure your request is memorable and relevant.

Here’s a helpful video from LinkedIn

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  • Anna 18 March, 2015 on 5:07 am

    The Alumni function is also good for students to see where graduates from their university are now working and in what type of roles. It is very useful to stimulate more alumni networking.

  • yetneberk 26 February, 2016 on 1:56 pm

    It is the best site that display necessary information for their customer.