FAQ: I’m thinking about studying in Melbourne. What should I do next?

With so many courses on offer, you’ll need to narrow down your study options by looking at what is important to you.

The general process is:

  1. Select your course,
  2. Apply via your chosen institution or an Australian education agent,
  3. Process your application,
  4. Apply for a visa

Before identifying the course for you, ask yourself:

  • Does the topic interest and excite you? Is it something you want to learn more about?
  • What careers are possible after completing this course?
  • What is the course structure, such as the core subjects; is it practical or theory based; are there internship or international opportunities?
  • How long will the course take?
  • What is the cost?
  • Is the campus close to where I’m going to live?
  • What are the entry requirements?
  • What will the student experience be like?
  • What resources and services does the campus offer?
  • Is there a scholarship I can apply for?
  • What does this education provider offer that another doesn’t?

Study Melbourne provides a useful course finder tool that can help you research what is available.

On the right of the screen, you will find the course finder tool. Type the area that interests you. If you check the “Advanced Search Options” you can choose the level of study and location of your preference. On the results screen, if you click on the left hand menu you will have more options to refine your search.

After you choose your preferred course and institution, you must formally apply for admission. To apply, you will need to either contact the institution directly or ask a registered Australian education agent in your country to help with your application and visa.

For more information about applying for a course, please click here.

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