How to explore Victoria

After a long semester, it’s always nice to recharge the batteries over the break before heading into the latter half of the year. Here’s our guide for getting the most out of your break.

Low cost activities

There is always something happening in Victoria and always new places to visit. Of course, saving money while exploring is always a delicate balance for a student but fortunately there are an abundance of low cost activities around Melbourne.

Your student card is key to many concessional discounts on tickets to various activities including events, sporting events or cinemas but can also be bundled with The Myki Visitor Value pack to offer public transport and cost-effective discounts at 15 attractions including Melbourne Aquarium, Eureka Skydeck and Puffing Billy. If you rely on public transport more often then it’s worth finding out about the iUSEpass initiative which offers a half price annual pass for international students.

There are too many low cost activities to list but the below guides highlight more than 150 activities to keep you moving. Of course, the most cost effective activity is to just grab some friends and wander around to explore and discover this amazing city for yourself.

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Longer trips

Being one of Australia’s smaller states means Victoria is quite accessible for day trips and adventures. The Alpine National Park is always a favourite destination during winter months and public transport is available from Melbourne to the major ski resorts including Mt Hotham, Mt Buller, and Falls Creek.

It might be a bit too cold for the beach but it’s also a great time of the year to head down the Great Ocean Road and catch some scenery while it’s not during the peak visitor period. Heading inland, it’s also a great time of the year to explore the rainforests of the Great Otway National Park, Dandenongs and Macedon Ranges. Trains and buses also access to these areas and the Vline website is a great resource for planning regional trips away.

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Community Volunteering

Volunteering is a fantastic way to contribute to the local and broader community. The best place to start thinking about volunteer work is within your local community at schools, community centres and aged care facilities. Of course it’s important to keep your own interests in mind and directly approaching smaller cultural groups or clubs is another great way to identify any opportunities.

Volunteering Victoria offers a guide to for students planning to volunteer and many major events throughout July are often in need of volunteer support. GoVolunteer is a website with current listed opportunities around Victoria and you can filter your search to match your own needs and availability.

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Holidays are also a great time to seek local unpaid work experience opportunities or gain employment to support yourself financially. Your university’s website and Faculty staff are often a great place to start asking for any work experience/employment opportunities and will be more than happy to help if you show initiative.

The Study Melbourne website offers great advice on how to apply for a job and Youth Central offers the do’s and do not’s of resume writing. The friendly staff at the Study Melbourne Student Centre are also on hand to provide guidance and advice on the best way to go about finding a job or work experience.

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