Top five tips to manage stress

Keeping up with coursework is important, but so is looking after your health and wellbeing. Read on for the Study Melbourne Student Centre’s top five tips for staying sane through the academic year.

Plan your time

It helps to study a little bit every day to keep ideas fresh in your mind and identify areas you might need help with. Try not to leave things to the last minute – racing to meet a deadline adds the unnecessary stress of last-minute cramming. Setting alarms or making a to-do list can help break up tasks into more manageable chunks.

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Take breaks

Before you start each study session, set yourself a set time to spend on each task. If you don’t finish in time, re-evaluate and see if it’s best to keep working or to come back to the task later. You can’t study all the time – taking time to go for a walk or see a friend can help you be more productive overall.

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Look after yourself

Keeping active, sleeping well and eating healthy are important all year round, but particularly when you are under pressure. Try to get outside for 30 minutes of exercise a day, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and get to bed early to keep fresh. And drink lots of water!

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Ask for help

Dealing with issues or challenges alone can be very lonely. If you are finding it difficult to keep up with work, try speaking with your teacher, student support services at your institution or call and/or visit the friendly staff at the Study Melbourne Student Centre.

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Exploring Victoria

A change of scenery can help break up the day – and there’s so much to explore in Victoria. One way is to take your readings and study in a local café. Another is to escape for the weekend with friends. There are many scenic routes in Victoria including natural springs, coastal villages and alpine towns.

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