Meet Harini from India

Why did you choose to study abroad?

Having lived with my parents for 21 years, I realized that the life I’ve lived has been very safe and caged. In India, especially, everyone gets slotted into a certain category – academically, professionally or in terms of personality. I was always the smart girl who was interested in too many unconventional things. A lot of times, there was pressure to conform to what was much more socially acceptable. That is primarily what drove me to get out of home, even if for a couple of years, and make choices of my own. Studying comes to me fairly naturally and I wanted to pursue a Master’s Degree.


Why did you choose Melbourne out of the whole world to come and study?

My best friend had decided to move to Sydney around the same time that I was looking at Universities abroad. That’s how Australia caught my eye. For my course, the University of Melbourne is the most highly ranked and globally recognized and that is why I decided to move to Melbourne.


How easy was it to apply, accept and then move to Melbourne?

I applied to Melbourne University through IDP which worked very smoothly for me. The information session conducted by the university in Mumbai was pretty helpful and helped me set up an offshore bank account and find other people from India that were travelling to Australia.


What was your first impression of Victoria?

My impression of Victoria has been my impression of Melbourne. There’s something about the city which imparts great warmth to people – no matter where they’re from. The alleyways, the quaint cafes, the street art and most importantly – the people have made it so much easier to call this place Home.


What are you most looking forward to about life and study in Melbourne?

Like most first times, this is like starting from scratch. I’m as excited to discover things about the city as I am about rediscovering myself in the process. Also, the course of study looks fantastic so it’s going to be great to meet people from all over the world and study right next to them.


How have you adjusted to your new surroundings?

I live in student accommodation, so its always buzzing and distracts me from any homesickness I might get. There’s also a couple of great and cheap places to grab a bite and watch a movie nearby, so there’s plenty to keep occupied.


What advice do you have for other people thinking of studying abroad?

Studying abroad is so much more than studying. It’s so much more rewarding than a degree. I believe that if a person can afford it, they should, live (not travel) abroad at least once in their lifetime because nothing teaches you what an experience like this does.