Meet Mengyu (Melanie) from China

Mengyu arrived in Melbourne in July 2012.  She studied at RMIT English Worldwide for five months and then commenced her Masters in Social Work at RMIT.

Here she speaks to Tammy from the Study Melbourne Student Centre about her experience of being an international student in Melbourne.

Why did you choose to study in Melbourne?

I have attended a trip 13 years ago, which was going to a small town near Melbourne for an English course. We went  to Melbourne and Sydney for travelling.   I like Melbourne very much. I think it is quiet and good for study.  Then I decided if I have the opportunity to study abroad, I will choose Melbourne.   After I graduated from university in China, I wanted to go abroad, and I chose Melbourne as the destination of my study journey.

What did you think of Melbourne when you first arrived? 

When I first came to Melbourne, I like the people and the environment.   I think people here are friendly and the view is beautiful as well.

Do you have any memorable experience of Melbourne?

The best experience for me in Melbourne is the learning process of becoming independent. Before I came to Australia, I was a little girl and needed someone to rely on all the time.   However, these three years  of studying and living in Melbourne, I got to know more people  and I learnt how to live independently.  I am grateful for this learning and growing experience.

What’s your favourite part of Melbourne?

Whenever I standing in front of the arts centre, and enjoying the beautiful  melody by musicians on the street, I feel that life is so beautiful, and I will enjoy every minute of my life.

In Melbourne, I like the arts on street , and the botanical garden. Indeed, I like traveling all around Melbourne, or Australia. I enjoy selfies and taking photos for those beautiful  views.

Do you have any tips for new students commencing their studies in Melbourne? 

My suggestions for newly arrived students is to be passionate about the life in Melbourne.  I would also recommend for new students to network with anybody you find interesting.  Do not waste time on judging people.  When you are open,  you will see that you can collect something you need or even something precious that you haven’t think about.

What will you miss most when you return to China? 

I will miss the lovely people I met  and the beautiful views I saw and the lifestyle in Melbourne.