Meet Ruvini Jayasekara, international student fashion designer

The Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) is officially underway, seeing the city turn into a kaleidoscope of design, colour and collaboration.

With the collection of cultures, people and places forming the fabric that is Victoria, it only seemed right that VAMFF celebrate the voices that have crossed seas, hopped on planes and walked a mile to be here. Study Melbourne’s A Stitch in Time, A Place of Mine does just this. Uniting a string of international students from across Victoria, this a runway with a difference because it’s made from just that.

We sat down with RMIT international student fashion designer Ruvini Jayasekara to learn more about her story ahead of the runway launch on Wednesday 15 March.

Finding a place in a piece

The story of Ruvini Jayasekara from Sri Lanka

Ruvini’s designs are nothing short of a visual spectacle. Shape, line and colour reign supreme as she overlaps intricate pleating, wiring and beading to create cardboard structures. It’s the type of collection you can’t miss – big and bold, loud and impressionable. Ruvi more than makes up for her quiet disposition in her art.

”I love fashion. Making things,working with materials and putting things together with techniques such as pleating, finishing constructions, detailing and how all of these work together on the body as a form, volume and movement is what bring excitement in fashion for me.”

Given her hands on approach to work, it’s no surprise she was lured to Victoria’s fast pace city Melbourne.

“Melbourne is becoming the centre of attraction for comfortable living and as well as arts, design, creative thinking and of course fashion. Offering the best educational institutions across a variety of fields including fashion design has greatly influenced me to select Victoria as the best study destination while enjoying the life in the most secure and comfortable way.”

“I love sharing my knowledge and learning from other people. Victoria is a community full of sharers – from storytellers to artists, I feel right at home. The Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival is an amazing opportunity for creatives to share and collaborate their ideas and experiences with one another and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this show.”

Ruvini’s work is a siren call to unity. Her tones, folds and textures meld into beautiful structural pieces inspired by cultures, people and things. Something put together for a state that does much the same.

A Stitch in Time, A Place of Mine will launch on Wednesday 15 March at The Queen Victoria Market Deli Hall from 6pm – 9pm.

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