Meet Sam Woosley – Creator of Epic Timelapse Video of Melbourne

Some of you may have heard of RMIT international student, Sam Woosley (USA), who was recently featured on BuzzFeed for his soaring time-lapse of Melbourne, Victoria. His short film combined more than 8000 photographs and approximately 100 total hours of work to capture the hidden pockets of our city.

We caught up with Sam to hear his thoughts on “the most fun place in Aussie Land”.

What inspired you to make the video?

My inspiration is from a few things and is sort of a combination of two videos that I really loved.

One was Matthew Vandeputte’s Showreel and the other was Colin Rich’s City Lights. I loved Matthew’s fast cutting and kind of younger generation way of editing, and I liked Colin’s just epic scale feel.

Before leaving for Melbourne I knew I wanted to make a video, I just wasn’t sure what kind.  I had recently gotten into time-lapse photography and loved doing it.  It’s always cool when you shoot a time lapse because even on location it’s hard to picture exactly what is going to look like once you render it out into a video.

I would get butterflies when double clicking the video file because sometimes they don’t come out how you thought or they are better than you thought they might be.

Tell us a bit about hyper-lapse…

It’s like a time-lapse – which already looks surreal – but has this movement which gives the composition a 3D feel.

I stumbled onto the hyper lapsing technique on the internet and just kind of taught myself how to do it with trial and error and watching YouTube videos. I think people (including myself) respond so positively because they are not quite sure what they are looking at.

Why did you decide to study in Melbourne?

I came to Melbourne to study in my last semester of college because of a friend of mine.  Her name is Kirsten and she had studied there for a semester in the year prior.  I had seen all of her pictures and heard so many stories that I was convinced that was where I wanted to go pretty early on in the process.

RMIT was the closest University to the downtown area and it looked the coolest in pictures as well.  But I had planned on making this video before I headed in that direction so I just needed to be close to the city.


Best cheap meal?

It’d be this tiny Japanese place called Don Don – food was 7 dollars or cheaper!

Best night spot?

The Carlton Hotel rooftop bar – it’s jungle themed and just badass. Loved that place.

Best place to live?

I have no idea the best place to live. I lived in RMIT Village which wasn’t cheap but was a great place with tons of awesome people.

Best thing about Melbourne?

The people are awesome – that has to be one of my favourite parts about it. Nice people, huge city and tons to do. I’d recommend Melbourne to anyone going to Australia as it’s by far the most fun place in Aussie land.

Sydney is pretty, but that’s it. Melbourne is younger, more hip, way more alive, sports are better, street music’s better … I could go on.

Check out Sam’s video of Melbourne below:

Melbourne – Timelapse / Hyperlapse from Sam Woosley on Vimeo.


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