Meet Tina from Germany

We recently met Tina at the June Study Melbourne meetup to the Melbourne International Jazz Festival. She now shares her experiences of living and studying in Melbourne, Victoria.

“REAL AUSTRALIANS SAY WELCOME” is not just announced by posters all over the city, but it’s also exactly what I experienced during my time here in Melbourne. Being an international student in Melbourne for a whole year, I discovered that I enjoyed it most when I was welcomed and considered as a part of their local community.



Organisations like Study Melbourne enable exactly this, they offer events and tours to connect us with locals and other international students and to show and introduce us their beautiful country and their culture.

A few weeks ago they invited us to a concert during the Melbourne International Jazz Festival. I have never been to a Jazz concert and I wouldn’t have thought about it if they hadn’t organised the event. It was such a different experience to the things I normally do, back in Germany but also here in Melbourne, and I think that especially those extraordinary experiences are the ones that broaden your horizon and make your time abroad so special.

Besides the activities I took part in with Study abroad, I joined university clubs like the surf club and wakeboard club with locals and people from all over the world. I also participated in trips and tours offered by my university and I lived together with amazing Australians. We explored places like Wilsons Promontory, the Great Ocean road and also the countryside of Victoria. Being involved in those activities and groups made it possible for me to discover Melbourne and its surroundings and also adopt an essence of the laid-back lifestyle and Australian culture. I must highlight that it is an understatement if I say I love Australian humour.

Especially with the day of my flight back to Germany getting closer and closer, I am looking back on a year of diverse and wonderful experiences. I have to say that I fell in love with Australia and its people during my travels around the country and my time in Melbourne. What I’m taking home with me is not just heaps of ‘bad’ puns and Aussie Slang, but more so all the memories of amazing people who made me feel so welcome here and who accompanied me on my adventures Down Under.

Cheers Melbourne and see you again soon!