Student Insights: Do Buy the Entertainment book

We are RMIT Newintstudents and we are students from RMIT. We love food, shopping and talking about issues that affects students in Melbourne. We are also happy to help new international students such as yourselves.

RMIT Newintstudents, Meld Magazine, RSPCA and others are selling the Entertainment book this year for $65. There are thousands of offers up for grabs from some of the leading brands such as Wheel and Barrow, McDonalds, Chattime, KFC and others and you can save thousands of dollars on dining out, shopping, travel and even groceries.

There is an app also which can be bought for $65 for Android and iPhone. But if you buy the book you can share the offers with your friends.

A6 Melbourne_3D Generic Book, card, iphone, vouchers 2014-15

They do have some bonus offers as well and these change from month to month depending on what is on.

Find out more at

3D A6 Melbourne Book 2014-15