Student Review: Study Melbourne Information Day

We are RMIT Newintstudents and we are students from RMIT. We love food, shopping and talking about issues that affects students in Melbourne. We are also happy to help new international students such as yourselves.


We recently attended the Study Melbourne Information Day at Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth St. Melbourne, organised by AFIS and the City of Melbourne. Although the entertainment was stellar, this is not what we were here for. We were here for information and the chance to make friends. And friends we made throughout the games played in the afternoon!


Some tips students got from that day were

* Do be careful of scams especially online ones

* Plan your career early from day one

* Volunteer for a not for profit organisation as that will increase your chances of getting a great job.

* Try and look for a job. Any job will do.

* Network with people you don’t know. All throughout the afternoon this was emphasized when we met up with many unknown faces


Many thanks to AFIS for organising this one.

AFIS Information Day

Discussion — 3 Responses

  • Katherine 17 September, 2014 on 5:11 am

    loved it

  • Andrew Smith 9 December, 2014 on 3:40 pm

    For more information about study planning for interview and career success see AIEC Australian international education Centre Budapest Hungary website ‘Related Employment Job Search, Interview and Internship News and Resources’.

    AIEC can also advise on study, life, work and travel in Melbourne and Victoria by email or telephone, as we are from Melbourne

  • Jenny Spears 17 March, 2017 on 2:41 pm

    This is perfect! When might be the next event? This is indeed helpful for the students.