The sound of Victoria

It’s hard to sum up Victoria in words, so we asked students from SAE Institute Australia to do it with sound. The end product was an immersive soundscape to be used as part of our upcoming fashion show A Stitch in Time, A Place of Mine at this year’s Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF). Ahead of the show, we caught up with some members of the Study Melbourne choir The Dreamers who are lending their voices to the project.

Rehuma Tabassum Sejuty, Bangladesh

Studying Masters in Biomedical and Health Science, Monash University

Study Melbourne ChoirHow did you get involved in the Study Melbourne choir, The Dreamers?

It was my first month in Melbourne and I was just searching the internet when I found an advertisement in the Monash newsletter to join. It immediately jumped out at me when I saw it because I just love singing.

Singing is something I’ve been involved in from a young age back home in Bangladesh. I signed up right away and was accepted. The experience has been really amazing. I didn’t know anyone when I came here and it was so exciting that within my first month I could meet so many people through this program. It still astounds me.

Are you excited to have your voice feature within the soundscape for Study Melbourne’s VAMFF show, A Stitch in Time, A Place of Mine?

I am too excited to even put it into words! I’ve always watched fashion shows on TV or on YouTube. To think that now my voice will feature on the runway and be heard by so many people as models walk down the catwalk is just surreal. I still can’t quite believe it.

The soundscape is inspired by Victoria. What are some iconic sounds that represent Victoria to you?

I love the sound of the pedestrian crossing, that ticking sound that comes on every time, it just make me smile.

What attracted you to study in Victoria?

Victoria provides the best education in the world, and I feel very fortunate to be attending a prestigious university and enjoying Victoria with its lovely weather, multicultural communities and friendly people. This mix makes it all the more worthwhile.

Yu Li, China

Bachelor degree in Commerce and Econometrics at Monash University
Study Melbourne Choir

Why did you get involved in the choir?

I thought it would be a great way to balance my studies. Last year I found myself overloading, so I wanted an outlet where I could relax and express myself. Having this time to balance my stress from studies by going through this experience, I was able to meet so many people. I’ve made a lot of really good friends out of it. We go out and catch up on the holidays, it’s really lovely. And the funny thing was my grades were better because of it.

Would you say that was the most unexpected aspect about joining the choir? Forging those close relationships?

Yeah definitely. The experience of singing with a bunch of people is just amazing in itself.

When you get to sing with a group, it’s just so different to singing on your own, I don’t know if it’s the harmony of so many voices but it’s really special. I think you get to know people in a more intimate way and are able to forge a special connection that I don’t think you can get by just talking to someone.

Did you have much experience with singing before joining the choir?

I used to teach a bit of singing when I was in high school but I wasn’t hugely experienced, so it’s been great to learn and develop a new skill.

Are you excited to have your voice feature within the soundscape?

Yeah I am! Actually I’m skipping one of my lectures to attend the recording but it’s worth it because I get to see everyone and our instructor Marianne again.

What’s an iconic Victorian sound to you?

For me, I don’t really think you can go past the sound of the tram. It reminds me of an old vintage movie.

A Stitch in Time, A Place of Mine will take place at the Queen Victoria Market on Wednesday 15 March. To keep updated with the show, follow Study Melbourne on Instagram, WeChat and Facebook.





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