Top Three Tips for International Students from CPA Australia and MMG

For our July Meetup, Study Melbourne took a group of international students on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of CPA Australia and MMG Limited to gain insight into corporate Australia. Students were taken on a tour around the two offices in Southbank, and heard from some of Melbourne’s leading professionals in accounting, communications and management.

Here are the top three tips for international students that we heard from the experts at CPA and MMG.


1. Don’t be afraid to ask silly questions

When you’re entering a new workforce there are bound to be things you don’t understand straight away, especially if you’re also in a culture that’s foreign to you. You might find people using words or acronyms you haven’t heard before, or there might be something about your role that isn’t clear. If you’re presented with something you don’t understand, just ask about it! Even if your question feels silly, no one will blame you for asking. It shows you’re curious and keen to learn.


2. Don’t let language be a barrier

A corporate career can bring you opportunities all around the world. If you’re ever given an opportunity to visit or work in a new country, don’t let the language stop you. As international students you’re already one step ahead in your ability to adapt to a different culture, so keep in mind this is a valuable skill you can apply again and again!


3. Always take the opportunity to network

Networking events are a fantastic way to meet potential employers, business partners and friends. It’s never too early to start networking, and there are plenty of events for students and young professionals in any field. CPA Australia offer the CPA Australia Network, a global community of over 200,000 accounting students and young professionals that offers opportunities to learn, exchange skills and develop your career.


CPA Australia is one of the largest accounting organisations in the world with 160,000 members worldwide, 19 staff offices across Australia, NZ, Asia and Europe, and operates in 121 countries. If you would like to learn more about networking opportunities with CPA Australia, register for their International Student Forum 2016, to take place in Melbourne on Wednesday 21 September.

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