Victoria’s thriving start-up culture

LaunchVic is a company supporting entrepreneurs to develop and grow businesses in Victoria. In January 2017, LaunchVic announced funding for a Melbourne-based organisation called Outcome.Life, which is focused on assisting internationals transitioning from study into the professional workforce in Victoria. Study Melbourne spoke with LaunchVic CEO Dr Kate Cornick to hear more about the project.  


Why get involved in LaunchVic?

I have worked in research organisations, innovation policy, developed mobile technology and apps and I also run my own start up. Working in innovation is something I am really passionate about and I believe it is a really exciting time for the start-up community.

LaunchVic is encouraging young people to be more confident in setting up their own businesses. I think a lot of people think that big corporates provide safe career opportunities but in actual fact the start-up community offers some really interesting and at times, very safe, career opportunities.

I think Melbourne is a very exciting place to grow a business right now and I definitely encourage students to get involved.


What are Melbourne’s strengths as a hub for innovators and creators?

We certainly have phenomenal research, our research is some of the best in the world. We have got one of the strongest research facilities and so we have incredible ideas, early stage ideas sitting in our research community. Melbourne has got amazing sporting facilities and networks. We have some of the strongest insurers and banks in the world. We have tremendous talent, from our educational institution and a very high quality of education.

I think if you bring all of those factors together you create the ingredients for a great start up ecosystem. Melbourne’s ecosystem is very vibrant and growing at a rapid pace. There is a very bright future for the start-up community in Victoria.


Tell us about Outcome.Life?

Outcome.Life is a Melbourne based organisation focused on assisting Internationals transitioning from study to the professional workforce in Victoria. Outcome.Life has established a co-working space, Outcome-Hub, and in 2017 it will expand this hub to include an incubator that will support international student entrepreneurs.

The hub will also match students interested in working in startups in internships at Victorian based startups through an online portal. A comprehensive events program will support the hub and inspire more internationals to get involved in the startup ecosystem.


What stood out in Outcome.Life’s application?

International students are valuable to the Victorian community through the way they give back via the work they undertake and community activities they engage in. Many of these students, come from countries where starting and running your own businesses is far more common than it is in Australia. Yet, we know they are not very well engaged in the start-up community.

We really loved their application and the articulation of the barriers for start-ups. We know that the international student population is very important to Victoria and we were very interested in targeting different groups where we thought there were real challenges. We have a fabulous international student community that choose Melbourne as their destination to learn and live.


For more information about LaunchVic, visit their website.

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