Volunteer for Moomba Festival 2016

Volunteers are needed from Friday 11th to Monday 14th of March for Moomba Festival 2016, Australia’s largest community festival! Applications are currently open, and close on Friday the 11th of December.

We had a chat to some of the lovely people at Moomba about why this volunteering program is great for international students, and any other Melburnians looking for volunteering opportunities.

Can you tell us a bit about Moomba Festival?
Australia’s largest community festival, Moomba Festival is uniquely Melbourne with the city’s abundant achievements across the arts, entertainment, sustainability, sports, and hospitality highly visible in the festival’s diverse and interactive programming.

Set on the banks of the iconic Yarra River and down St Kilda Road, Moomba proudly beams with Melburnian characteristics – a talented stable of local performers, artistically designed parade floats inspired by the community, world-class water sports and hospitality offerings from iconic local traders – and its distinct, fun-loving energy. Think of the Birdman Rally and carnival!

Sixty-two years on, Moomba is wise with age, steeped in tradition, but undoubtedly young at heart – just like the city it calls home.


What are your top five things to do at Moomba?
1. Moomba Parade
2. Birdman Rally
3. Carnival rides
4. Music performances at the Main Arena
5. Nightly fireworks

Why should someone volunteer for Moomba?
Volunteering at Moomba can help young people develop skills in communication, organisation and confidence, and provide a professional platform from which participants can build a career. Experience is highly valued in the workplace and Moomba is a great way to gain experience through a volunteering program.


What would a volunteer be doing while they’re at the festival?

There are four different roles that a volunteer might have:
Info Booth: Info Booth volunteers would provide information, directions and sunscreen to patrons in need.
Meet and greet: Meet and greet volunteers are tasked with greeting patrons at the entrance where they will help with directions, provide general event information, and hand out event guide booklets.
Programming Assistance: These volunteers would be assisting with a number of jobs involved with the programming aspect of Moomba, like stage supply runs, artist transport, and general assistance.
Event crew. The event crew volunteers assist the main City of Melbourne event crew carry out duties across the site, like running messages and supplies or assisting with set up and pack down.

What sort of people are you looking for as volunteers?
We have a set of selection criteria, but you don’t have to meet all of these to be a Moomba volunteer:
– A keen interest in the events industry
– Previous volunteering experience
– Ability to take direction and work autonomously if required
– A keen attention to detail
– Ability to prioritise workload in a busy environment
– Ability to communicate with people of all ages and abilities
– Ability to demonstrate and display the City of Melbourne’s core values: integrity, courage, respect for staff and others, and striving for excellence.

Do you have any advice for students hoping to apply?
Just ensure you address the selection criteria, communicate your application clearly and succinctly, and respond promptly to our calls and emails.

Click here to apply or find out more about the Moomba Festival Volunteer Program.


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