What will you take from your time in Victoria?

In celebration of Victoria’s vibrant international student community, Study Melbourne spoke with students studying and who had graduated to hear their stories of the State.

151001-study-melbourne-114“There are heaps of opportunities in Melbourne – you just need to be proactive and seize what is here. I believe we can do so many things to enhance student experience. I am taking it one step at a time, but the next big plan is the CISA conference and introduce a fun and cultural element to get people excited.” 

Nina Khairina, Singapore, Monash University


“When I arrived, I was so impressed at how laid back the lifestyle is, how friendly the people are and how easy it is to make friends. There are a lot of communities out there that students can either join in person or through social media. You meet new people from all over the world, you make friends, visit places you have never been and take some great photos to share back home.”

Dave Sipaying, Indonesia, University of Melbourne


“In short, Melbourne was spectacular and bountiful – filled with great experiences and many fond memories. To put things into several perspectives – in terms of the education quality I obtained in Swinburne Melbourne, the overall experience was very enjoyable and memorable – with many reasons contributing to this.”

Tyler Liew, Malaysia, Swinburne University



“I have gotten to meet pioneering researchers in the field while studying in Victoria, and have been able to discuss my work with them. I have learnt how to talk to different types of people, to sample different types of food and gain exposure to international conferences as part of my post doctorate degree. Victoria helped connect me with these opportunities. These small things are incredibly encouraging and help propel me to succeed.”

Abishek Suresh, India, RMIT University


“I always tell my friends that Melbourne is a great city to live in and it is full of international students so you don’t really feel lonely or lost. My father is very excited to visit Melbourne and see where I have been living and studying. He wants to experience the city.”

Diana Ponce, Ecuador, University of Melbourne 


“As an international student, I feel support from my school and the government. This is what makes me think Melbourne is a wonderful place to study. When a government supports and helps direct people, it makes them believe they will be someone in the future. Without family or friends, it can be hard to start your life here. I want to get more involved supporting the local international student community.” 

Harriyadi Irawan, Indonesia, William Angliss Institute


“I chose Australia because I feel like the people are more friendly, the state is multicultural and there is a great study environment. Victoria values international students. The school treated us international students equally with local students, and this really helped me get recognised and accepted by the student cohort.”

Jinqui Maily Wang, China, University of Melbourne


“I love studying and practicing my English. In Japan, we mainly learn about English grammar and I don’t enjoy it because there is no practising and using those skills in conversation. It’s just grammar, grammar, grammar! Being in Melbourne, I am learning how to speak English and at Ivanhoe Grammar, there are not many Japanese students so I have to speak English everyday. It has been good practice.”

Anri, Japan, Ivanhoe Grammar School (ELICOS program)


“One of the reasons I chose Victoria is because I came here in 2011 and I instantly fell in love with everything – the people, the architecture but I think the main reason is because the experience it gives me. I really enjoy being here. Everything about the culture here is about being nice to one another and greeting each other and I just love that! It is definitely something I will take back to Singapore – greeting people randomly and saying ‘how are you.”

Maisurah (Siti) Mokhsin, Singapore, Monash University


“In Australia, the study is more about students. Teachers encourage students to express their ideas, whether they are strong or not, encourage them to give their opinions so that they can develop their own thinking or reasoning. My experience has been fantastic, memorable and I’ve really enjoyed it. Since I’ve come here, I’ve got lots of opportunities to achieve what I would love to.”

Tuan Tran, Vietnam, Australian Catholic University


“My dad likes to tell a lot of stories. He brings out a lot of stories about stuff he learnt, or things he did while in Melbourne. Some of my relatives who stay here now used to go prawn fishing. He’s got lots of anecdotes about his life here. He seemed to really enjoy it.”

Shannen Kok, Malaysia, Monash University